Thursday, 2 June 2011

Farmer's market @ Loewen gardens,

Disclaimer: Pictures from very long ago

75 Loewen Road
Singapore 248844
(Held every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, check schedule on their website here)

Many weekends ago, made my way down to Loewen cluster @ dempsey for the weekend farmer's market. (Proved to be a lot better than the attempt to explore the Thieves market, and more jacked up prices too) They had gourmet food products, vegetable produce and even ice popsicles; but for the selection of quaint food variety, vibrant colours and cute Caucasian kids running around, it was worth the stay.
Started by the owner of the The Pantry Cookery school (talk about fairy cupcakes), it's only a small venture so don't expect a food fair kind of scale. We had fun sampling food/sauces, but you really need an acquired taste to sink them into your tastebuds (the love for food routine in me still going on strong) but they had awesome stores (for the lack of a better word) like Wild honey and Masterchefz.
I also edited some of the pictures because the tentage shelter masked many of them in a green tinge, so pardon if some picture look strange. (Some from the Holga film camera)

Tacos - 3 bucks

Paella: Spanish seafood dish 5 bucks

Lovin' the alfresco but it was too hot

Gallivanted around the dempsey cluster, and found creepy old buildings at the back door of the market.
While it was intriguing, the scorching weather made it in extremely uncomfortable ☹

Took a break from the sun and settled for some air-conditioning and art appreciation @ The Contemporary Art museum nearby, I kid you not.

Hopefully not me in 10 years

Beauty emporium @ Dempsey, unfortunately they demolished the wooden swing!

I've quite a bunch of photo adventures not too long ago (albeit a bit pointless to post them at such an outdated time) so will upload them soon ☺
Plus, a cupcake baking adventure with felicia 2 days back which I have pretty pictures of ♥
Going out for lunch and ice cream soon, till later ciao!

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