Monday, 25 July 2011

Melbourne on film,

Nostalgia is the best seasoning, they say. Taking a chance with the secondhand SLR, it is with sheer delight that these two roll of films were developed ☀ Snippets of my recent Melbourne trip through the lens of the Canon EOS for your viewing pleasure. Missing the refreshing, albeit sometimes stinging cold, ocean breeze and sunshine. Enjoy the berserk hair or palish states (if any), typical Tropical beings don't belong to Winter.

I would say that the pictures turned out pretty well, not too grainy or overexposed. Of course accounting in the fact that I took a chance with its virgin shoot during the trip itself, and being such an amateur at film! Everything seemed like an excellent photograph opportunity, with the picturesque scenery to the blooming daisies and cute beyond words caucasian kids ascending roadside trees.

Captured most of the scenery in digital form though, since there was too much backlight from the glaring sun. A paranoma stitch of the gorge would have been amazing but my camera wasn't up to the challenge. (Broke down while playing fetch with the Border collie along Anglesea beach) The twelve apostles were gorgeous, except that there are only 6 left standing because of weathering and erosion. Nonetheless, they stood majestic against the glaring skylight.

The last picture is really just for comic reliefs; think coastal sea breezes and beckoning an overly-friendly Border collie. Love candid frames, even though it doesn't really depict the full picture (pardon the pun haha) These are really just minute glimpses of the trip, digital pictures soon hopefully!


~sean said...

love your pictures! :)

~sean said...

Love your pictures! :)

yanting said...

Thank you very much! :)

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