Friday, 21 October 2011

DIY: A cuppa dried flowers, Grande to go please

It's a cold dreary morning but nothing like half-done water colour sketches and The Seekers playing in the background to cheer me up. It's finally Friday, and my 'Deadline' wall has exponentially reduced in the past week ♥ More deadlines next week, but there's always a lull period before each battle right? 

Having attempted to hand press flowers once, which failed miserably, I decided to try them out with another batch of flowers heehee. Placed them under the sun for a few days by my window sill and viola, sun-dried flowers bringing sunshine to my room!

Flowers aside, I've been going to Starbucks@ University town rather often lately because of the long breaks between classes, it's pretty conducive to get work done there especially since it's relatively quiet. Plus, bagel with cream cheese and a hot cuppa caramel macchiato makes it all the more worth the trip. I've also always made it a point to request for a to-go because I can always take it away with me if I have last minute plans to rush off and also because the cup's pretty sturdy. So I use the Grande for my sun-dried flowers and lo and behold, my Lyra paint brushes standing proud in the Tall.

What can you say? A girl loves her flowers.

School has been pretty abusive these past few weeks, but the semester's drawing to an end and I'm so grateful for that. December holidays are beckoning once again, and then exchange plans may (hopefully) start to fall in place ☀ Shall scuttle off to organize my notes, ciao!

P.S. Probably catching The Thing later but I'm having second thoughts.

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