Wednesday, 5 October 2011

You're sweet, wanna hit the streets?

Impromptu thrill seeking @ Haji lane one fine day quite a way back, with snapshot worthy moments. Started with a lazy ice cream treat at Pluck and toying with the Lomo LC-A+. Quirky street boutiques, Arabian styled cafes selling French food and chancing upon a Ramadan food bazaar next to a nearby mosque for the Muslims breaking fast at sunset. Soaking up the festive mood....despite not getting any food delights. And not to mention the shisha hangouts at every corner of the street, their tile decorative are pretty dope though, I was mildly fascinated by them that I almost got run over whilst crossing the road. Film: Efiniti UXi Super 200

Walking down the streets in the vicinity felt like I was in foreign land - Chinese artists painting landscapes of alleys on petite stools by the roadside and graffiti spanning across abandoned back alleys. Since I'm not as fortunate to be as well-travelled as some of my peer counterparts, home adventures are certainly a score. (Hope that would change when I get on with my exchange to UK next year, all in God's grace ☀)

Popped by Children Little Musuem which was on one of the perpendicular streets to the Sultan mosque, and they have the most peculiar vintage toys from the 50s to 70s and whatnots inside! And not forgetting nostalgic toys of yesterday - marbles, bubble foam and paper balls. The shopkeeper was extremely friendly too and we ended up having a mini photo shoot by the fountain with the vintage scooter with him as the our eager photographer hahaha I'm so amused. Even though he was pretty disappointed that he couldn't preview our pictures because I was running on film. The shophouse has two storeys, and you gotta pay a small token fee of two dollars to get in. We passed though, but bought a wooden harmonica that only had 3 notes for half a golden dollar.

Majestic Sultan mosque.

Lovin' the array of vibrant colours along the street ^^

Learnt how to eat Vadai (but still too chicken to try it out because I'm a routine foodie like that) at a said-to-be-famous roadside stall. Teh ping on a hot summer day is blisssssss

We may be small but we're definitely bountiful in culture, even in the least of places, be it that Chinese tear-by-month calendar or that row of ten no smoking signs spammed next to the no vandalism sign.

On a side note, still London dreaming - hope exchange plans will materialize soon ♥

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