Saturday, 31 December 2011

DIY home fountain,

When no one's home, I make it a point to spread my notes around the coffee table next to the fountain because it's the water sounds are just so soothing! Plus, it's highly therapeutic having it in the background. This is mumsie's DIY project though, she has been into plants and semi-precious stones lately. She calls it a makeshift fountain but I think it's not really a makeshift because it's very well done :)

Here's how it looks like with the rubber tubing visible, you can play around water plants and twine it around the tube so it becomes unseen. All you need is a rubber tubing, water motor, pebbles collected from various places or you could go to your local aquarium store (get creative) and a large dish and viola, you get your own DIY fountain!

Happy New Year's eve everyone ♥ 

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