Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Taiwan captured on film (Part II),

A continuation from my previous film post, here are another batch of film pictures which I took during my trip to Taiwan two months back. I really enjoyed snapping these shots, so hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of the rolls I've developed too ♥ 

Formosan Aborginal culture village (Nantou county, 南投縣)


Ruei Suei Veteran farm (Hualien, 花蓮市)

Rail along the East Coast (From Taroko, 太魯閣)

Night markets around Taiwan (夜市)

They say money can't buy happiness, that still stands true....that is before you enter the food and shopping paradise of Taiwan. What's going to Taiwan without the shopping and food districts/markets right? Hopped around from Taitung night market (台東夜市), Shinkuchan shopping district (新堀江商圈), Feng Jia night market(逢甲夜市), Shihlin night market (士林夜市) and Taipei 101 shopping mall (台北101) just to name a few. They're all bustling and extremely vibrant even late at night! (when it's really quite skin-biting cold when the breeze comes in brrr) And an amazing discovery would be the hot ice milk bubble tea with pearls (热珍珠奶茶), the perfect beverage to be holding whilst walking down the cold roads - armed with street snacks like sweet potato balls (地瓜球) which are simply little drops of heaven I simply adore! Will share a bit more next time when I upload the digital prints. Missing the good food over there already, gosh there were a couple of nights where we skipped dinner just to try a small portion of everything which was a great experience so you should try it when you're there :)


Till my next post, ciao!

Film: Kodak max GC (ISO 400)
Camera: Canon SLR EOS 650 (2nd hand)

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