Monday, 10 December 2012

Homemade picnic,

R left 3 months ago for London, and we decided to hit Singapore botanic gardens for a lovely picnic to busk in the local greenery and hopefully scenic backgrounds. Spent some time prepping for it (brownie points for homemade takeaway soba in Japanese tea cups), so I was quite bummed out when the skies were looking ominous as we headed out. Made a quick grab for wine at Holland Village, and when we reached it started raining. Ain't no rain gonna dampen our spirits though, the pavilions by the Swan lake were perfect and the weather was cool. Plus we had a gorgeous view of the lake when the rain simmered and swans came swimming by ♥ 

Got all giggly leaving a bread trail for the birds who meekly stole them and quickly hiding back in the bushes (Okay fine only me, but they were extremely adorable). The swans, fishes and turtles all came by to visit too - even in the light drizzle. So first half of the evening was great, but in the second half we got so full of chips, the remaining bread crumbs had rats encircling our indoor picnic mat and I went to the restroom only to lose my way in the dark getting all creeped out and ended up probably running around a quarter of the trails in the gardens - what a night indeed! But we'll definitely be back ♥ 

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