Wednesday, 24 July 2013

DIY Sparkle heels,

DIY sparkle heels

With the escapades of Winter and Spring frozen as memories, and me being back home on the sunny island of Singapore - I'm more than pleased to fall back into the reverie of DIY craft ♥ These dusty court shoes have been idling in my cupboard for quite a while, hence the sudden thought to jazz it up a little. What more beautiful a transformation from a dull pair of formals to a sparkle of silver to your plain outfit?

DIY sparkle heels old shoes

DIY sparkle heels old shoes

For this, I used my old pair of court shoes which has been faithfully serving me during my labourious council duties and office stints. Coupled with a few other materials from Art Friend (favourite store of all time!) such as Mod Podge (seriously useful, you might want to purchase a bigger bottle as an investment), an old brush, sparkly glitter any colour of your choice and Hi-shine glaze. It gets quite messy so do line the table with some rough papers, once you're done let the glittering begin!

DIY sparkle heels mod podge


Glitter macro

DIY sparkle heels items needed

1. Line an old plastic tub with aluminium foil, and mix the Mod Podge and glitter in the proportions of 2:3. If you wish, you may add more glitter to thicken the mixture but this was what I did after experimenting with it :)

DIY sparkle heels glitter mod podge

DIY sparkle heels paintbrush

DIY sparkle heels application

DIY sparkle heels applying

2. Ensure that your shoes are clean and dry - and begin to adorn the surface of the shoes (you might want to use gloves if you're afraid of being messy, I love the messy craft feel though!)

3. Allow it to dry for an hour or less, and coat it with a second layer. This helps to strengthen the coat and cover the gaps you missed the first time. If you wish, you may coat it a third time.

DIY sparkle heels first coat

4. Allow the shoes to dry for an extended period of time, e.g. 1-2 days and spray it with the Hi-shine glaze to hold the glitter coat together and ensure that the shine doesn't fade! You might want to do this outdoors because of the glaze fumes. Dry it for an hour and viola, you're done! Perfect for dinner dates with a black sleek dress ♥ 

DIY sparkle heels final product

Update: took a picture with my outfit, whilst playing with Mirrorgram!



Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how I can make ruby slippers for Halloween

Yanting Chan said...

Yup! Apart from dinner dates or to dress up your outfit, you can change the colour of the glitter and make ruby heels for Halloween :)

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